Where To Find The Best Dessert In Waco Texas

When the sugar craving hits, there’s no better way to fix it than to simply…indulge! (Ok, that’s probably not what health professionals would say. But I’m no health pro! I’m a food bloggger!) We’re going to dive into Waco’s sweeter side and look around at some of the best dessert in Waco. Ready? 

From ice cream to cupcakes to amazing snow cones and giant cookies (seriously…massive!), here are some of the best places to find dessert in Waco. 

Heritage Creamery in Waco
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A Few Words About Waco’s Restaurant Scene

Milk Bottle Cookies

Waco is such an interesting little town! I remember visiting back in the 90s, and it was seriously SO sleepy. Just a big college campus and a few quirky little houses. There were a few chain fast food restaurants, a few local places that I never knew about (because this was pre-iPhone and pre-social media), and not a lot else. 

Nowadays? Waco is booming! Of course, the epic Magnolia Market had a big impact on Waco’s newfound popularity and growth, but there are also a lot of new and upcoming restaurants in Waco that are making it a fun place to eat and stay for a while. 

But…the restaurant scene is still in the process of growing. It’s not fully there yet. I actually think that Waco has a nother huge boom of growth right in front of it. Investors are starting to come in and open cool boutique hotels, and chefs are upping their game and opening more and more impressive eateries.

The city is putting money into their parks, one of the most important parts of city planning. 

And as Baylor’s sports teams continue to be amaaaazing, more people are paying attention to this small town. 

All that to say: as of now, there are just a handful of really really good dessert spots in Waco. But keep an eye on this guide, because I’m guessing that there are about to be a LOT more options very soon. 

The Best Dessert In Waco

Where To Find The Best Dessert In Waco (1)

1. Milk Bottle Cookies

Milk Bottle Cookies

These yummy, gooey, giant, warm cookies are the best cookies in Waco. Full stop. Milk Bottle Cookies is not just a place to purchase these delicious treats. It’s also one of the most adorable little shops in town! 

These cookies are big, tall, pillowy mounds of cookie dough that’s nice and chewy around the edges and just a little bit soft in the middle. The chocolate chip cookies are to die for, but you might want to also try their delicious peanut butter cookie flavor, the snickerdoodle (my favorite!), or one of the fun rotating flavors. 

Milk Bottle Cookies

The exposed brick, the natural light, and the tall ceilings are all so gorgeous. There are a few small tables where you can stop by and enjoy your milk and cookies before heading next door to the adorable boutique shop to pick up some fun souvenirs. 

Milk Bottle Cookies

Oh, and Milk Bottle Cookies is literally directly across the street from Balcones Distilling. You could stop by that amazing place in Waco for a tour and a tasting, and then wrap up your day with some dessert at Milk Bottle cookies. 

WEBSITE | 218 S 11th St, Waco, TX 76701

2. Heritage Creamery

Heritage Creamery in Waco

When that ice cream craving hits…indulge! It’s just too dang hot in Waco in the summer to do anything else! 

Heritage Creamery started as a farmers market booth in Waco. When the space next to Common Grounds, one of the cutest coffee shops in Waco, became available, the Heritage Creamery team snagged it, renovated it, and opened the ice cream shop in 2016. 

Heritage Creamery in Waco

The rest is sweet, sweet history as both locals and tourists swarm this place for scoops of ice cream made with local ingredients. (And the ingredients truly make a difference - this ice cream is incredible!)

I adore heritage not just because they have scrumptious ice cream, but also because of the options of how you can enjoy it. You can ask for your ice cream to be made into a sandwich, complete with your choice of any two yummy cookies on each side. Craving a shake? They do that, too. You can also choose to enjoy your ice cream as a float with your choice of cola, lemonade, or root beer poured on top of it. I think that a float always feels so old-timey to eat, and they’re also one of the most under-appreciated dice cream desserts. Just throwing that out there.

Heritage Creamery in Waco

And if you’re local (or you have a cooler in the back of your car for the road trip home) and you want to order a pint of ice cream, they offer that, too. 

The adorable bungalow home that was renovated into Heritage Creamery is a great place to sit and enjoy a creamy scoop of ice cream before continuing on to whatever your day has in store for you. 

WEBSITE | 1125 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76706

3. Splendid Oaks Chocolates and Ice Cream

Splendid Oaks Chocolates and Ice Cream

Founded by a Baylor grad and opened in the height of the pandemic in 2020, Splendid Oaks Chocolate and Ice Cream has seen nothing but success and, well, obsession by locals and tourists alike. In fact, this little chocolate shop has already opened a second location in Baylor! 

There are two parts to Splendid Oaks: the first is the chocolate shop, which might as well be called an art gallery because DANG these chocolates are gorgeous! 

They’re handcrafted by Splendid Oaks chocolatier. And if that sounds like something straight out of a Wonka movie, you’re going to love stopping by the shop. There’s a big window that allows customers to gaze into the “chocolate factory” and see how everything is made. 

Splendid Oaks Chocolates and Ice Cream

The second part of Splendid Oaks is their ice cream counter. They make small-batch ice cream at just 2 gallons at a time. The result? The most flavorful, decadent, creamy ice you’re ever going to try. 

Dairy free, or just looking for something different? They also offer a few rotating flavors of their luscious and decadent sorbet. It’s not icy at all…it’s so very creamy, and truly the perfect treat on a hot Waco day. 

This is the best place to buy a unique local Waco gift. You can build a box of chocolates (4, 8, or 16 chocolates). And then you can get a scoop of ice cream to enjoy while they get your order ready. Because duh. 

WEBSITE | 1020 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

4. Silos Baking Company

Silos Baking Co

If you stop by Magnolia Market on the weekend, there will 10/10 be a line out the door at Silos Baking Company. After all, this little corner shop even has a billboard on I-35 advertising these cupcakes! 

The little shop at Magnolia Market features cupcakes, cinnamon rolls, muffins, croissants, and other sweet treats that are Joanna Gaines’s own recipes. You  can order a few to enjoy on site at Magnolia Market, or get a box to go. 

Silos Baking Co.

And there’s a huge amount of history to this place! It’s a 100-year-old building that was most recently a flower shop until it was adopted into the Magnolia Market family. 

WEBSITE | 601 Webster Ave, Waco, TX 76701

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