Review of Milk Bottle Cookies in Waco

The storefront alone is enough to draw you in. Milk Bottle Cookies in Waco Texas is a downtown bakery that's in a quaint building with exposed brick and big, old, beautiful windows. It looks kind of trendy in that farmhouse/chic sort of way. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco

And it doesn't hurt that it's directly across from Balcones Distillery. That's how I ended up wandering into Milk Bottle Cookies, anyway. I was on my way to a tour at Balcones to watch how they make their award-winning whisky, and I saw this cute little shop with the word "cookies" in the title. I thought, hmm, couldn't hurt to stop in...

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-10

Approximately 800 calories and 100 grams of sugar later 😉 (and zero regrets, I might add), I was officially a lifelong fan of Milk Bottle Cookies. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-13

If you're looking for the best dessert in Waco and haven't been here yet, I highly recommend adding it to your list! These are seriously the best cookies. And it's only a 12 minute walk from the silos, so if you're in Waco TX for a day trip you could easily add this place to your schedule. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-02

A Quick Backstory...

Milk Bottle Cookies is still a fairly new bakery to the city. Makenzie, the business owner of MBC, states on her website that she started this business in honor of her grandpa's love of sweets. He would keep chocolates in crystal candy dishes throughout the house. The dessert cravings are real, y'all! She started Milk Bottle Cookies in 2018.  

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-03

And just 3 short years later the first storefront opened in downtown Waco. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-07

Inside The Bakery

It's a really cute little space! Right when you walk in you'll be greeted by a smiling employee, wafts of butter and sugar in the air, and a big glass case of MASSIVE cookies. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-05

There's also a subtle smell of fresh coffee, as there's an espresso-bar component to Milk Bottle Cookies. But the gorgeous cookies are the star of the show. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-09

There are a few little tables where you can sit and enjoy your sweet treat + milk.

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-08

What Type of Cookies Do They Have At Milk Bottle Cookies?

The style is really big, tall cookies. They're not really the Levain bakery-style a la NYC that have become so popular all over the country. They're a bit more cake-like, with a amazing exterior texture around the edges, and then a soft, almost doughy middle. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-11

There are a few flavors that are sort of pressed down in the middle (like the peanut butter cookies that have that fork crisscross in the middle), but most of the cookies are pretty tall - more of a sphere shape than a round flat cookie.

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-12
Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-14

Cookie Flavors

The chocolate chip cookie is their best seller, and it is seriously SO good!  It has a good amount of chocolate chips throughout, but there's also a sprinkling of full-size chocolate chips on top. It's quite the showstopper. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-04

The flavors rotate, but you can expect to see about 8 different homemade cookies of all kinds, including seasonal flavors, gluten free options, and classics like peanut butter and snickerdoodle. 

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-15

When I stopped by, the following flavors were available: 

Chocolate Chip

Cookies 'N Cream

Peanut Butter


Maple Snickerdoodle

Lemon White Chocolate

Cup Of Dirt

Peanut Butter M&M

Milk Bottle Cookies Waco-06

It's a great little spot in Waco with amazing cookies! Whether you need a sweet treat or you just want to get a snack to bring with you on your drive home to Dallas or Austin, Milk Bottle Cookies is a must-visit Waco bakery for all the cookie lovers out there.

WEBSITE | 218 S 11th St, Waco, TX 76701