A Look At Spice Village Shopping Center In Waco

If you looooove shopping and you’re in Waco for the weekend, you need to check out Spice Village! It’s essentially the farmers market of boutique shops in Waco.

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What Is Spice Village?

Spice Village is a collection of more than 60 unique boutique shops all housed under one roof. It’s located in this really cool 1908 warehouse (right next to Crickett’s Draft House and Grill, one of my favorite restaurants in Waco.) 

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It’s a fun place to shop because there are all these different “booths” that are independently rented out. Each one features unique items like clothes, Baylor gear, home goods, cards, gift ideas, and kids items. 

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If you’re looking for something in particular or you just want to spend an hour browsing for some creative gift ideas or cute souvenirs, Spice Village is a great little spot for shopping in Waco. 

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(Psst: this is also a great idea for a hot summer afternoon when it’s too scorching to go outside, or maybe a fun thing to do on a rainy day in Waco!)

Getting To Spice Village

I was a bit surprised by it the first time I went, but Spice Village is actually on the second floor of this giant building. 

And it’s up some very steep stairs. Ha! 

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(Don’t worry - there’s an elevator if you’re not able to take stairs right now.) 

There’s a huge parking lot out front, so you don’t have to worry about trying to find street parking like you do at Magnolia Market

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What Can You Find At Spice Village?

Are you ready for this? 

E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G. (Well, everything that can be categorized as “Texas-y” and “bedazzled.” 

Ok, to be honest, some of it is a bit kitschy. This place is full of quirky little one-of-a-kind Texas items!

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Clothing is a huge component of Spice Village! There are a lot of booths that feature hand-selected clothing items that you won’t find anywhere else. I loooved browsing the racks and racks of adorable sundresses, cute tops, and gorgeous shoes. 

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Accessories are another top seller at Spice Village. From purses to sunglasses to scarves and hats, you’re probably going to find it here. (And you’re going to find a bedazzled version of it, too.) Oh, and tons of jewelry, too!  

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Cups and tumblers are everywhere. And yes…they are bedazzled. But there are lots of cute ones with funny sayings on them, plenty in Baylor Gold and Green colors (great gift ideas for seniors!), and truly unique items. 

Spice Village in Waco-06
Spice Village in Waco-09

Pantry items like spices and rubs and specialty chocolates. Food…now we’re getting to my love language!

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Spice Village in Waco-07

Handmade cards and gifts are one of the best parts of Spice Village. If you need to find an adorable card and gift for a friend, try stopping at Spice Village to find something! 

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Lots of kids items like stuffed animals, coloring and sticker books, and clothing. They have lots of those gift items you’d find at a souvenir shop in a small town, like little lovies that you can microwave to make them all warm and snuggly, and funny magic sets, and little toy cars and dolls.

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Spice Village in Waco-08

Funny phrases on everything. If you don’t love this sort of thing, Spice Village is probably not for you. But if you’re Texan through and through and you love cross-stitched pillow covers and monogrammed hand towels and funny framed prints to put over the toilet seat that say “wash your hands and say your prayers because Jesus and germs are everywhere” then you will 100% fall in love with Spice Village. 

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And that’s Spice Village! If you’re planning a trip to Waco to visit Magnolia Market (psst: here are some cute hotels near the Silos!), you should definitely plan to stop by Spice Village, too! 

WEBSITE | 213 Mary Ave entrance located at 2nd &, Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

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