13 Waco Coffee Shops To Try 

There’s nothing like the aroma and taste of your first cup of coffee in the morning! (Or the second cup…or the third..) For many of us, the ritual of coffee is paired with a trip to a cozy coffee shop. Lucky for us, Waco coffee shops have been absolutely BOOMING and there are several exceptional coffee shops here now. The Waco coffee shops have unique charm and offerings, catering to a diverse range of tastes and preferences. (Are you more into the vibe? Or are you a coffee snob? There’s something for everyone!)

Glory Bell Coffee Waco

From the rustic charm of Dichotomy to the heartwarming mission of Bitty & Beau's, and the fusion of literature and coffee at Fabled Bookshop, there's a coffee shop in Waco that's perfect for you. (Psst: use the map to find one near you!)

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Whether you're a coffee connoisseur, a student in need of a high-energy study spot, or someone seeking a warm and quiet environment for a heart-to-heart conversation with a friend, these coffee shops provide a cozy and inviting experience for everyone.

BRU coffee shop

If you're a Texan local or a traveler walking around the city of Waco, these local coffee shops will welcome you with freshly brewed coffee, good treats, and a comfortable place to sit.

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12 Waco Coffee Shops To Try   

1. Pinewood Coffee Bar

Pinewood Coffee Bar

Quite possibly the very best coffee shop experience in Waco, Pinewood Coffee Bar is roaster, a coffee bar, and a pub, all in one. Some places try to do it all, and everything gets diluted and they end up doing all of it poorly. But not Pinewood! Their roasts are excellent, the skilled baristas make some of the best cappucinos in town, and the cozy, midcentury space is the perfect spot for groups or solo coffee drinkers.

Want to get some beans to go? Pinewood sells their own bags of coffee on their merch wall. They meticulously source their beans from trusted roasters who share their commitment to quality.

The history of Pinewood Coffee Bar is one of passion and community. Founded by a group of coffee aficionados with a shared dream, it quickly became a favorite among locals and visitors. The shop's popularity (seriously - this place is packed on the weekends!) is a testament to its commitment to providing excellent coffee in an inviting setting.

Pinewood Coffee cappuccino

Pinewood also serves a few light bites and pastries, but don't expect to find any big breakfast-y plates here.

However, they do have a Public House next door. In the mornings, coffee shop guests can use that space as overflow seating until about 5 pm when it transitions into a space for beer, wine, trivia night, and music.

Pinewood Coffee Bar is more than just a coffee shop; it's a thriving community of caffeine enthusiasts, students, and creatives seeking inspiration in a cup. Don't forget to stop by their merch wall where you can find coffee, hats, vinyl, and much more.

WEBSITE | 2223 Austin Ave B, Waco, TX 76701

2. For Keeps Coffee

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To be completely honest with you, when you're driving down the street on your way to For Keeps Coffee, you'll probably be thinking, "wait, wheeerreee are we going?"

But once you see the adorable white brick building with the cute "FOR KEEPS Coffee & Bakery" font overhead, you'll get it. This place is so cute. It's a haven amidst an otherwise not-so-cute street.

best coffee shops in Waco Texas-04

For Keeps is charming coffee shop in Waco that not only has a solid coffee program, they also have a phenomenal bakery component.

For real - please don't leave without trying one of these delicious pastries! They carry a lot of seasonal items (gingerbread mufins and peppermint scones during the holidays, pumpkin and cinnamon - flavored treats during October, etc.) The cinnamon roll is absolutely amazing.

best coffee shops in Waco Texas-07

The moment you enter, you're transported to a cozy, modern space. It really is such a welcoming atmosphere for study and work, with lots seating and a tranquil ambiance that encourages focus and productivity.

Note that there aren't many parking spaces in the lot, but they have an alleyway behind the building, along with plenty of free street parking nearby.

WEBSITE | 3619 Bosque Blvd, Waco, TX 76710

3. Lighthouse Coffee and Wine

Cappucino at Lighthouse Coffee

Located in the heart of downtown Waco, Texas, Lighthouse Coffee and Wine is a tiny coffee shop and wine bar that blends the warmth of your favorite local neighborhood café with the elegance of a wine bar.

Right when you enter the little corner shop, you're greeted by a friendly barista who is quick and eager to take your order. They use Olympia Coffee, a well-respected coffee roaster from Olympia, Washington. They offer both drip coffee and pour-overs, including the option to choose your own roast of coffee for them to brew. You can also select from their line-up of espresso-based drinks. They make a mean cappuccino with perfectly velvety smooth steamed milk.

Lighthouse Coffee and Wine Waco

In addition to being a coffee shop by day, Lighthouse is also a wine and cocktail bar by night.

This tiny space hosts occasional 5-course Friday night specialty dinners with guest chefs and with wine pairings, as well as other fun community-building events like Valentines dinners and live model drawing with cocktails and coffee.

Lighthouse Coffee is always a popular spot among students. There’s a lot of natural light as well as plenty of seating (like, a surprising amount for such a small space) and it’s a great place to hunker down with a matcha oat milk latte while you get some work done.

WEBSITE | 624 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701

4. Magnolia Press

Magnolia Press

Magnolia Press is another local coffee shop that captures the essence of southern charm and modern sophistication.

This lovely café, an extension of the famous Magnolia brand from Chip and Joanna Gaines, offers a blend of elegance and coziness. Its ambiance is similar to cozy library (which is what Joanna said she was going for when she designed it!), with brass and copper accents, a green exterior, gray concrete interior, rich mahogany furniture, leather seating, and a muted color palette.

When it comes to coffee, Magnolia Press isn't quite at the same standard as other Waco powerhouses like Pinewood Roasters or Lighthouse Coffee. But it's still a big step up from a national coffee chain you might find on the side of the highway. 😉

Magnolia Press Coffee

This coffee shop is an extension of the Magnolia brand. It's located at the edge of the market. It opened its doors to cater to locals and tourists alike in November 2019.

In addition to its coffee offerings, Magnolia Press serves a menu of pastries, sandwiches, and other gourmet treats.

While students often find Magnolia Press to be a perfect spot to study, Magnolia Press is most popular among Waco tourists who are looking for a place to caffeinate before a day of shopping at Magnolia Market. The quiet elegance, ample seating, and serene atmosphere make it perfect for a conversation before hitting the shops.

Whether you're seeking a moment of quiet before you start your day, an yummy coffee experience, or a dose of design inspiration, Magnolia Press in Waco is an beautiful destination that encapsulates the essence of Texas charm and hospitality.

WEBSITE | 418 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76706

5. Bru Artisan Coffee

BRU coffee shop

Waco's oldest coffee roaster, BRU Artiasan Coffee is a pretty unique one: this Waco coffee shop is INSIDE a historic elevator! Yep. Nestled in the heart of Waco in the historic Praetorian building, Bru Artisan Coffee has an inviting ambiance and artisanal approach to coffee.

The moment you enter, you're greeted by an atmosphere that feels bright and airy. Being in a historic space, the decor features a mix of industrial chic and rustic charm, with wooden furniture, exposed brick walls, modern furnishings, and an abundance of natural light that sets the stage for a productive work sesh or a great catch-up conversation with a friend.

Bru Artisan Coffee takes pride in its coffee selection: they carefully source beans from local farmers. They have an in-house roaster where they flame-roast and grind all their beans in small batches to preserve freshness and ensure every brew is a flavorful masterpiece.

BRU coffee shop

Since 2012, they have been serving the greater Waco area with freshly roasted coffee In 2016 they launched their first espresso bar and café (which is the one we mentioned inside the elevator.) Since then, this little Waco coffee shop has quickly become a local favorite.

Bru also offers pastries and lite bites on their menu. Keep in mind that this is a tiny coffee bar and so they often run out of pastries, especially on the weekends.

If you're a Waco student looking for a good coffee shop for studying, Bru Artisan Coffee is a great destination! Even though the espresso bar is tiny, they have lots of seating and a calm ambiance, making it an ideal setting for focused work and study sessions.

The coffee shop occasionally hosts special events, such as live music performances, adding an extra layer of fun to this local Waco coffee shop.

WEBSITE | 601 Franklin Ave #1st, Waco, TX 76701

6. Dichotomy

Dichotomy Waco

Dichotomy Coffee & Spirits in downtown Waco, Texas, is one of the best coffee shops + cocktail bar combos.

Thsi is a really long, narrow space. It actually feels a bit vacant at the very front of the shop, and that's because most customers choose to sit in the booths and couches at the back of the (enormous) coffee shop. 

But, since it's such a big space, it's an ideal spot to be guaranteed to find seating for a relaxed chat with friends or some focused solo work.

Dichotomy prides itself on its commitment to coffee quality. They source their beans from trusted roaster Apex coffee roasters. Their emphasis on sustainability and supporting local businesses is evident in their dedication to partnering with regional suppliers.

best coffee shops in Waco Texas-01

Following a brief stint in a local art gallery, Dichotomy established a permanent home in downtown Waco. Their location, inside a century-old building (so cool!!), blends contemporary and classic elements.

The menu includes a standard lineup of espresso-based drinks, pour-over coffee options, and an assortment of teas and cocktails. For those seeking a snack or a light meal, Dichotomy also offers a selection of pastries and sandwiches, with a spotlight on locally sourced ingredients.

In the evening, Dichotomy also features spirits and craft cocktails (as apparent by its name…) and the vibe switches from “coffee shop” to “craft cocktail bar” around 5 pm every evening.

Dichotomy is a popular choice for students because of its calm atmosphere, ample seating, and reliable Wi-Fi. It's a hub for creatives and academics alike, making it a go-to spot for studying or collaborating on projects. It’s also a very popular spot for coffee snobs who are driving through Waco (that drive from Austin to Dallas is long!) and need a caffeine pick-me-up.

WEBSITE | 508 Austin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

7. Common Grounds

Common Grounds Waco

Common Grounds is an OG spot in the Waco coffee shops scene. Nestled in a quaint bungalow on Baylor University’s campus, this coffee shop has cozy, communal vibe. The interior is decorated with vintage furniture, quirky wall art, and an inviting mishmash of decor that makes visitors feel instantly at home.

Established in 1994, it has been the go-to place for coffee in the Waco community for three decades!

Apart from their coffee offerings, Common Grounds also provides a selection of pastries, sandwiches, and light bites to keep all those students fueled during their late night study sessions.

Speaking of students...Common Grounds has earned a reputation as the go-to study spot for students. With cozy seating, a welcoming atmosphere, and reliable Wi-Fi, it's the perfect spot to caffeiante before pulling an all-nighter while you write a term paper or study for finals.

It's also well-known for hosting special events, including live music concerts and community gatherings. They actually have some pretty big names come through here and play on the backyard stage!

For students, coffee aficionados, and anyone seeking a slice of Waco's coffee shop history, Common Grounds is a must-visit destination.

WEBSITE | 1123 S 8th St, Waco, TX 76706

8. Fabled Bookshop

Fabled Book Shop

Fabled Bookshop is one of the most unique coffee shops in the city of Waco! They’re not just a coffee shop but also a bookshop (best of both worlds - right?!) It’s a bibliophile's haven that combines the love of literature with the warmth of a coffee shop.

The interior has that classic bookshop charm with vintage bookshelves, cozy nooks for reading, a 6-foot wooden owl, an iconic outdoor mural, and a Narnia-esque walkway into the children's corner.

Plus, right when you walk in, can smell the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee. It really is the cutest little spot.

While Fabled Bookshop's primary focus is on books, they also appreciate the art of a good cup of coffee. Whether you're shopping for books or not, you can stop by for a nice selection of wine, pastries, sandwiches, and light bites in the café.

Established by avid readers and coffee enthusiasts, this Waco book store quickly became a hub for the local literary community. And iff you’re a Baylor student looking for a great place to study, Fabled Bookshop is a good option! They have lots of seating and a quiet atmosphere.

Fabled Bookshop also hosts special events like author readings, book clubs, and poetry nights. Book ear this little Waco coffee shop for the next rainy day when you want to dive headfirst into your next favorite book.

WEBSITE | 215 S 4th St, Waco, TX 76701

9. Thrst


Thrst is a coffee shop and coffee roaster on the northwest side of downtown Waco. Thrst takes its coffee seriously, sourcing their beans from local farmers who share their commitment to quality. The owner of Thrst started roasting his own beans as a necessity during the pandemic. What started as a small home-based hobby is now a full-blown business.

Thrst cappucino in Waco

This Waco coffee shop started as a family-owned coffee cart business and from there, it quickly became a local hotspot for those seeking a unique coffee experience.

In addition to their exceptional coffee, they also often host special events, including open mic nights, art exhibitions, poetry nights, and live music performances.

WEBSITE | 1500 Colcord Ave Suite C, Waco, TX 76707

10. Glory Bell Coffee & Wine

Glory Bell Coffee

Located right next to Glory Bell Church, Glory Bell Coffee & Wine is probably the most spacious, light-filled coffee shop in Waco. It’s a cozy, comfy, Christian-focused coffee shop that’s a ministry of the church, designed to foster community and love.

Founded by a group of coffee and wine enthusiasts from Glory Bell Church, they bridged the gap between coffee and community.

Glory Bell Coffee Waco

And let's just reiterate: Glory Bell is a HUGE space. The open ceilings, natural light, and ample seating make this a Baylor student’s dream spot to study. It’s also a popular spot just to meet up with friends and catch up over a vanilla latte. If you’re tired of visiting coffee shops and not being able to find a place to sit, this Christian coffee shop will have an open table for you.

WEBSITE | 600 Columbus Ave, Waco, TX 76701

11. The Café at Hotel 1928

The Café at Hotel 1928

Chip and Joanna Gaines renovated a historic building in downtown Waco and recently opened Hotel 1928. This boutique hotel has a very limited number of rooms, but even if you're not lucky enough to stay overnight here, you can stop by the Café at Hotel 1928 and enjoy a hot beverage in the sunken library.

The library at Hotel 1928

The café features the same quality of coffee drinks and pastries you can find at Magnolia Roasters. But the real perk to enjoy your espresso here is the beautiful sunken library, which used to be a storage room before Joanna Gaines got her hands on it and completely renovated it.

Now it's a stunning space with two sweeping staircases, cozy leather couches, and sky-high shelves of books and books and books. It's an adorable place to meet a friend for a coffee date.

WEBSITE | 701 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701

12. Bitty & Beaus

Bitty & Beau's

With 20 locations around the country, Bitty & Beau's locations are everywhere! Waco is lucky to have a “human rights movement disguised as a coffee shop" right in the heart of downtown.

Bitty & Beau’s is a remarkable coffee shop that transcends the ordinary, not just for its exceptional brews but also for its heartwarming mission.

The shop was founded by Amy and Ben Wright, parents of two children with Down syndrome, Bitty and Beau. The coffee shop provides employment opportunities to individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities, creating a supportive and inclusive work environment.

In addition to their coffee, Bitty & Beau's serves a selection of pastries and light bites, perfect for a quick snack to enjoy with your coffee.

Bitty & Beau's in Waco is not just a coffee shop; it's a beacon of hope, acceptance, and excellent coffee, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking a unique and heartwarming coffee experience.

WEBSITE | 110 Franklin Ave, Waco, TX 76701

13. Be Kind

Be Kind Coffee

Be Kind is a coffee shop that embodies the spirit of warmth and community. The decor is characterized by earthy tones, cozy nooks, and an lots of greenery and wooden tables,

Founded by a group of friends with a shared passion for coffee and a desire to create a welcoming space, the coffee shop quickly became a local favorite.

In addition to its delightful coffee offerings, Be Kind offers a range of vegan/GF treats like pastries, sandwiches, and light bites, catering to a variety of tastes and dietary preferences.

Be Kind is an excellent spot to study, meet up with friends, or just get a quick cup to-go.

WEBSITE | 1534 Washington Ave, Waco, TX 76701